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On behalf of the Novi Professional Firefighters Union, we warmly welcome you to the NPFFU website.  On this site you will find information about our organization, the firefighters we represent, the causes we support, and the value we place on serving the citizens of Novi and protecting Public Safety.

The Novi Professional Firefighters union is the representative for ALL Professional Firefighters that serve the City of Novi.  The NPFFU advocates an effective allocation of fire fighters, EMS personnel, and mobile resources to operate successfully on the scene of a fire or medical emergency.  We will work tirelessly until our department is able to meet the NFPA standards that were created from too many tragedies.  Many of the NFPA standards were created to assure that these tragedies never happen again, to firefighters or citizens. 


When we are not responding to daily emergencies, we are working within the communities teaching the importance of fire safety, raising awareness to our charitable organization Fire Guy’s Charity.  100% of all our proceeds go back into the local community.  In addition, our members take part in the political process ensuring that our local elected officials understand the importance of our profession and what it takes to ensure your safety. 


Our site enables our members to access much more information. Please check out our Facebook page and Twitter feeds to stay up to the minute with the latest news in the NPFFU.

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